Multifunksjonsgrep for poser

Multifunksjonsgrep for poser

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Carrying your bags after a shopping trip will not be difficult after you have this one here. It locks the bags together to form a comfortable handle, which makes carrying items comfortable and easy! Just press the lightly opened thumb, slide on what you need to bring, close the lock tab and you are ready to go. The ergonomically soft grip area makes all carrying jobs work effortlessly. This durable grip handle is made of strong ABS plastic and has a weight capacity of up to 50 kg, and eliminates the need for more trips from the grocery store!

Ergonomically soft grip design for long-lasting comfort

Self-locking thumb Locks bags for easy transport

High power ABS plastic with 50 kg capacity

Oversized design Used for shopping bags, buckets, dry cleaners, etc.

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